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Looking to take your 4WD on bigger adventures? Need the 4wd experts in Perth to take care of it? At Elite Tune, we can take care of all of your 4×4 modification needs. We take pride in being Perth’s 4×4 modification specialists, with everything on-site, we can modify your 4×4 in house.

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4WD Modifications Perth

ECU (engine control unit) remapping is a procedure that improves your vehicle’s performance. This is achieved by changing the manufacturer’s default settings. Sometimes, this is referred
to as chip tuning, or ECU tuning.

An ECU remap results in more engine power and increased torque, so you can get more out of your vehicle. Remapping usually takes less than two hours, and doesn’t involve replacing any parts.

Our ECU remapping services start at $900. Contact us today to learn more about whether this upgrade is right for you.

Ecu Remapping Service

A dynometer measures how your vehicle performs under different driving conditions. That means that if we need to know how your car performs on a hill, or at a certain speed, we can.

By doing a dyno run, we can see the torque, RPMs, and power that your vehicle is currently producing. That helps us identify problem areas, and determine what improvements can be made.

By doing a dyno run before and after your upgrade, you’ll be able to see just how much power you’ve gained. It also gives us a chance to diagnose any other issues, before you get back on the road.

Our dyno runs start at $150.

In House Dynometer Service

Your suspension system is what keeps you on the road. It uses the friction between your tires and the road to steering and handling ability. A suspension upgrade can be a fix for a car with steering problems, or can improve a car that’s running normally.

Suspension upgrades are particularly useful with 4×4’s and other off-road vehicles. The enhanced steering capability gives you the control you need in extreme conditions.

We’re happy to help you determine what type of suspension upgrade is right for you. Contact us, or book an appointment today to learn more.

Our suspension upgrades start at $500.

Suspension Upgrades Service

The injector in your 4×4 sprays fuel into the intake manifold to create an air and fuel mixture. The speed at which this occurs is referred to as the flow rate. This results in the chemical combustion that starts and powers your engine.

A higher flow rate results in more engine power, which is a primary reason for the upgrade. You should also consider an upgrade if you have a NOS, supercharged, or turbocharged system. Otherwise, the stock injector may prevent your 4×4 from reaching its full potential.

If you have questions about the benefits of an upgrade, we’ll be happy to help. Injector upgrades start at $800.

Injector Upgrades

Your car’s exhaust controls your 4×4 makes, and keeps dangerous fumes away from you. How well it does its job affects your engine performance and fuel consumption. A stock system doesn’t offer you the same power and efficiency as an aftermarket version.

An upgrade can improve gas mileage, increase horsepower, and raise the vehicle’s value. It’s a great move to make if you’re looking to increase the power of your 4×4, and it only takes a few hours to do.

Contact us to learn more about what an upgrade can do for you. Our exhaust system upgrades start at $700.

Exhaust System Upgrades

When oil gets into your intake manifold, it can block up the system. This leads to less horsepower and a decrease in gas mileage. An oil catch can prevents this by acting as a filter to prevent debris from getting into the manifold.

4×4’s that have direct inject engines are prone to oil build up, so a catch can is a great investment. The catch can usually plugs into the hose that runs from the crankcase to the manifold. Installation takes less than an hour, so book an appointment today.

Our oil catch can installations start at $300.

Catch Can Installation Service

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