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At Elite Tune, we provide a 4×4 service Perth drivers can rely on for quality.

We take care and time to make sure your vehicle is looked after and given the attention it needs. Whether you need regular logbook servicing, a mechanical inspection, carbon cleaning or DPF Replacement. Our team can give your car the expert servicing it needs right here in Perth.

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Vehicle manufacturers create log books for the vehicles they make. A log book provides you a timeline of when maintenance needs to be performed on your vehicle. It’s a great tool to help you ensure your car’s servicing remains up to date. That’s important because a small problem can become a bigger, and more costly, problem.

Instead of waiting for a disaster, come on in and let us go over your log book. Our team of highly qualified experts can handle everything. Whether it’s changing the oil, or replacing the brake pads, we’ve got you covered.

Our log book servicing prices start at $300.

Log Book Servicing

Mechanical inspections are an important part of keeping your vehicle safe and drivable. During a mechanical inspection, the technician will check a variety of components including:

  • The engine
  • The transmission
  • The suspension
  • The steering
  • The brakes
  • The tires
  • The electrical components

You should have a mechanical inspection at least once a year. It’s also advisable to have one after a car accident, before buying a used car, or when you notice something unusual. Inspections are a great way to spot small fixes before they become big problems. A mechanical inspection takes less than two hours to complete, and starts at $120.

Mechanical Inspections Service

Carbon and other debris can build up in your engine, putting stress on the system. A carbon cleaning eliminates that problem by removing the debris from the system. To do this, a technician will inject a liquid or gas mixture into the fuel system.

Once the mixture is in place, it burns at a high temperature. This burns off the carbon that has built up, causing a sooty substance to emit from the exhaust.

In more extreme cases, a technician may take out parts to reach, and remove, tricky build ups. Our carbon cleaning services start at $800.

Carbon Clean

A diesel particulate filter catches soot and ash so it doesn’t exit your exhaust system. This makes diesel powered vehicles less harmful to the environment. Manufacturers have been installing them in compliance with EPA emission standards since 2007.

The lifespan of a DPF varies depending on many factors, including mileage and brand. When the DPF becomes blocked, a light should begin to flash on your dashboard. This indicates a need to have the filter replaced.

You can check with a technician to learn how often the filter on your particular vehicle should be replaced. Our DPF cleanings and replacements start at $500.


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Why choose us Elite Tune

Your 4×4 service is one of the most important factors.

Our team are specialists when it comes to a range of makes and models, meaning no matter the age or type of vehicle you own, we can help.

Whether you need your normal logbook servicing, a mechanical inspection to identify potential issues, carbon cleaning or DPF Replacements, we live and breathe this work! Book your 4WD service with us today!

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