ECU Remapping, Elite Tune

The engine control unit in your 4WD is responsible for controlling the electrical systems. When an ECU is designed by a vehicle manufacturer certain limitations are put in place. These limitations are intended to make the vehicle more suitable for standard daily driving.

If you plan to do more than commute in your 4WD, an engine ECU remapping can remove those limitations. Remapping, also known as chipping, is a form of electrical engine tuning. Essentially, a technician hooks your 4WD up to a computer and reprograms your ECU settings.

ECU remapping is done for a variety of reasons and can produce some amazing results. Here are the top five benefits of ECU remapping.


1. More Power and Torque

One of the biggest benefits of ECU remapping is the improvement in power and torque. When the technician removes the factory limitations, they can create new ones based on what conditions you plan to drive in.

The technician will consider factors like where you live, the altitude, and what fuel you use to create the perfect settings for your 4WD. Be sure to let them know if you have any specific requests or unique plans for your 4WD. This ensures you can get the most out of your vehicle by removing what you don’t need and increasing what you do.

The first thing you’ll notice when you drive your remapped 4WD is how powerful the engine has become. You’ll finally have the ability to do exactly what you want, whether that’s off-roading, racing, or just showing off.

If you’re after more power and speed, ECU remapping is for you.


2. Increased Performance

The engine in your 4WD is responsible for a lot more than just making the car move. Engine trouble can affect everything from how much gas you use to how fast other car components wear out. The vehicle’s dependence on the health of the engine can lead to a lot of problems, but it can also lead to a lot of benefits.

When the engine is running well other components of your car will too. That means that when you have your ECU remapped you can expect improvements in lots of areas, not just power and torque. Drivers often report that they have more control over their speed, that their 4WD is turning better, and that they can stop more smoothly.

That’s a lot of potential improvement to get from an upgrade that only takes two or three hours. If you’re looking to see improvements in your 4WD’s overall performance, ask a technician about remapping.

ECU Remapping, Elite Tune


3. More Efficient Fuel Usage

Another major perk of ECU remapping is the potential for more fuel efficiency. Drivers report that being able to more accurately control their speed and power can lead to fewer fuel stops. This will of course depend on how you drive, but precision control puts the choice in your hands.

When you’re cruising around at top speed and power you probably won’t notice much in the way of fuel savings. That being said, you can save some fuel on your daily driving if you resist the urge to let the power out.

The level of precision control an ECU remap can provide is stunning compared to factory settings. If you’re ready to have more control over your 4WD, and your fuel spending, consider an ECU remapping.


4. Access to New Driving Modes

While your technician is reprograming your ECU, they can install driving modes. These can be useful if you plan to use your 4WD for different types of driving. It’s also beneficial if more than one person will be driving the vehicle.

For example, you could have a valet mode installed. Valet mode will allow the car to be driven, but only at certain speeds and for set distances. This way, if you need someone else to move your 4WD they can, but they won’t be able to test out the power of your engine.

There’s also immobilizer mode. When immobilizer mode is switched on your vehicle won’t start, even if someone has the key. When you’re ready to drive again you simply switch the immobilizer off and go on your way. This is a great way to avoid car thefts and ensure that you’re the only one getting behind your wheel.


5. A Completely Customized Experience

The main draw of having your ECU remapped is that it gives you the option to completely customize your 4WD. As we’ve discussed in the previous points, you can choose everything from what modes you want to how much fuel you can save. That’s a level of control you can never achieve by buying a car from the factory.

Before you choose your customizations, speak with a technician about what’s best for your particular 4WD. They’ll know what’s possible and what needs to be avoided. Once you have all the information, you and the technician can create a plan of action and get things underway.

ECU Remapping, Elite Tune


How Elite Tune Can Help With Your ECU Goals

Our talented team of technicians knows everything there is to know about ECU remapping. They can answer your questions, give you advice, and create a custom remapping plan just for you. We have all of the car ECU remapping equipment necessary to handle your upgrade, and we’re ready to put it to use. You can schedule an appointment online today to begin your remapping adventure.