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About carbon cleaning

You’ve heard of detoxing your body, but have you heard of detoxing your 4×4 engine? Carbon deposits build up in your engine and if they’re left untreated they can cause major damage. That’s where an engine detox comes in.

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What Is Carbon Cleaning?

Carbon cleaning is a process that will remove the sooty deposits of carbon from your vehicle’s engine. This service can be performed by experienced technicians or mechanics, and helps prolong the life of your engine by preventing the damage that these build-ups can cause.

In addition to helping prevent engine damage, a carbon cleaning lowers your vehicle’s emissions. This added benefit is great for the environment.

What is carbon cleaning

Many car experts swear by the process and advise that it be done as a regular part of car maintenance. It’s especially useful if your vehicle is getting older and beginning to wear down. By keeping your engine carbon clean, you may notice that some of the problems you were attributing to your car’s age vanish.

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How Does Carbon Cleaning Work?

How does carbon cleaning work

Carbon cleaning is actually a fairly simple process. Your technician or mechanic will start by pumping hydrogen gas into the air intake system of your vehicle.

Hydrogen gas is extremely flammable and that allows technicians to use it to burn the carbon off of your engine. This part of the process is called pyrolysis and it will leave your standard engine or diesel carbon clean when it’s done.

It’s really that simple, show up, get the carbon burned off of your engine, and drive off knowing that your 4×4 is in tip-top shape.

What Benefits Will A Carbon Cleaning Provide For Your Engine?

  • A clean engine can help improve your 4×4 fuel economy.
  • A carbon cleaning reduces the amount of exhaust fumes your car produces.
  • You’ll notice an increase in your car’s power and acceleration speed.
  • The vehicle will run more smoothly, even when you’re idling in traffic.
  • Your engine won’t be under as much stress. That means it will last longer and save you money in the long run.
  • Annual repair bills should be cheaper, as your improved engine performance will reduce strain on crucial parts.
  • You spend less on gas when your engine is running efficiently.
  • You’ll notice that your engine is quieter because it isn’t struggling.
  • The overall carbon footprint you produce will be lower.
Benefits carbon cleaning

Everything You Need To Know

What Does a Carbon Clean Involve?

This occurs when soot, carbon, and other debris are removed from your engine. If they aren't removed, these deposits can clog up your engine and prevent your vehicle from running properly. During a professional cleaning, a technician will remove these dangerous buildups.

How Often Should You Clean Engine Carbon?

There's no universal time frame when it comes to cleaning the carbon. When it's needed will depend on what kind of vehicle you have, the driving conditions, and a host of other factors. To start with, bring your vehicle in for carbon cleaning every 24,140KM or 15,000 miles. Once your technician has seen the vehicle they may be able to give you a more precise timeline. Until then, better safe than sorry.

How Long Does It Take to Carbon Clean a Car?

How long the process takes can depend on a variety of factors, but in general, it takes thirty to forty minutes. This can vary from vehicle to vehicle but it gives you a good estimate of how long you can expect to wait. To guarantee the quickest outcome, schedule an appointment ahead of time.

What Does Carbon Cleaning Do?

It is a part of routine car maintenance. It removes built-up carbon on the intake valves of direct injection engines. There are several ways to do this, including blasting walnut shavings through valve ports at high speeds. You may hear this referred to as "blasting." Carbon cleaning can also involve using solvents and heat to get rid of pesky debris. To learn more about the processes that are used, speak to your technician. They'll know what's right for your vehicle and can break the process down in detail.

Does Carbon Cleaning Help the DPF?

In short, yes, but here's why. Over time, your diesel particulate filter can become blocked by carbon, soot, and other debris. This prevents the DPF from working properly and the blockage can lead to trouble with your engine. These engine problems can include a loss of power, engine suffocation, or using more fuel than normal. A carbon cleaning will remove the particles that build up on your DPF, which allows it to continue working as intended. This helps ensure that your engine will continue running at full power for years to come.

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