Fuel Injector Upgrades

Why Get an Injector Upgrade?

The fuel injector is a crucial part of your vehicle, whether you have a van, a truck, or a 4×4. If it’s not working your car won’t start. Despite that, not many people are familiar with what it is and what it does. Before we can go over why you need a fuel injector upgrade, we need to learn a little more about the injector itself.

A fuel injection upgrade is when you remove the stock injector that comes with your vehicle and replace it with a new set. The new set will produce a higher flow rate which results in maximum engine power.

What's A Fuel Injector Upgrade And Why Do You Need One?

As its name suggests, a fuel injector is responsible for injecting fuel into the intake manifold of your car. This has to be done at a very specific angle for everything to work properly.

Once the injector does its job, the fuel mixes with air and is compressed in a combustion chamber. That compression ignites a chain of chemical reactions that are used to power your engine.

Injectors aren’t just found in petrol-powered cars, there is also a diesel injector in diesel-powered vehicles. Regardless of which kind you drive, your injector is a crucial part. Without it, you wouldn’t be driving anywhere.

What's The Difference Between Stock
And Performance Fuel Injectors?

The stock injector that comes in your car is designed to power it without a problem, as long as the car remains as it was when it was manufactured. That means that the stock injector is fine if you haven’t altered your car.

If, however, you’ve turbo or supercharged your car, the stock injector won’t be enough. In that case, you need an injector upgrade so that the amount of fuel being injected can keep up with the amount of air being injected. You need a certain mix of the two for your car to run, so it’s important that you have the right injector.

In short, the difference between the two is that one is designed for basic, everyday driving, and the other is designed for high-powered vehicles.

Fuel Injectors
New Injectors

When Is It Time For A New Injector?

The lifespan of an injector varies depending on the type, how often it’s used, what kind of fuel you buy, how often your filters are changed, and what other kind of maintenance is performed. In general, you can count on them lasting between 80,000 and 160,000 kilometres.

To increase the lifespan of your injector, you can buy high-grade fuel and invest in injector treatments. These treatments will flush out whatever debris has built up in your system.

Eventually, those steps won’t be enough and you’ll need to replace your injector. That’s also the perfect time to consider an upgrade, as you’ll already be taking your car to the shop.

How Do You Know When It's Time for a Replacement?

Because the lifespan of an injector can vary, it’s important to know the signs that it’s time for a new one or an upgrade. Here are some signs that your injector has run its course.

  • The vehicle is misfiring. This can indicate a shortage of fuel.
  • You feel like the engine is going to stall when you’re stopped.
  • Your car won’t start, or won’t stay running.
  • You’ve noticed a lack of fuel efficiency that wasn’t always present.
  • The car doesn’t want to start, or takes multiple attempts to start.
  • The check engine light has come on and there’s no other explanation.
  • You smell fuel inside your car when it’s running.
A fuel injectors

If you notice any of these signs, you should bring your vehicle to a professional for an inspection before the problem gets worse. If you’re ready for a fuel injector service in Perth, bring your vehicle to us. We’ll have you upgraded and back on the road in no time.


Very professional and honest workshop.The quality of work is followed through with a diverse background of knowledge.I would recommend this workshop to anyone who intends to have performance parts fitted or maintained.
David Moe
David Moe
09:15 02 Jun 23
Alex and his team have done an amazing job at fault finding my LC200 with a air bleed down fault. Found the issues and fixed it in a fast turnaround. Also cleaned the intake manifold and installed my HPD intercooler. Top job.
Matt Meyerhoff
Matt Meyerhoff
08:50 26 Feb 23
Worth the drive! Elite Tune has been reliable, well priced and provided an incredible service for removal of an aftermarket part on my 4WD. The ladies at the front desk are lovely and extremely helpful with the many questions I had today. Defiantly coming back if I need anything for my 4WD
jade pratt
jade pratt
04:44 30 Jan 23
Professional service providing excellent results at a better dollar value than their competitors with better results. Ricky at Elite Tune did a fantastic job with a 40% HP gain with a stage 2 tune on my Hilux and sorted a few other issues in the process. Highly recommend, 5 stars for sure 👌
Benjamin Walker
Benjamin Walker
09:49 24 Jan 23
We send all our company vehicles (and personal ones too!) to EliteTune.We've finally found a mechanic we can trust. It's guys like Rickey who love cars and high quality engine performance that allows our business to stay on the road.Cheers fellas.
Admin DeltaPrime
Admin DeltaPrime
11:15 18 Nov 22
From the first phone call talking about my DPF and couple other niggle issues, through to picking it up all fixed and tuned...great customer service.Very happy with the gains and power/torque delivery smoothness for my grand cherokee turbo diesel. They knew what I wanted and delivered. Bum-o-metre and graphs prove the promise. Would recommend and great coffee shop 2 doors down.
Dale Justins
Dale Justins
03:20 03 Jul 22
Top quality work , had my clutch changed and a custom dyno tune, very impressed with how my car drives after the guys at elite tune worked their magicEdit: Returned 3 months later to get the turbo upgraded to a high flow and yet again done with top quality with amazing results .
Joe Newman
Joe Newman
07:55 29 Jun 22
The team at Elite Tune delivered an outstanding service above and beyond my expectations. My Pajero Sport doesn't just look good with a new bull bar but has a lot more power after fitting a new exhaust, snorkle, an ECU remap and a dyno tune. The quality of the workmanship was outstanding.
Eric Brun
Eric Brun
12:58 11 Apr 22
Best experience with a service and tune I've had and exceeded expectations with the tune to boost power and make my Amarok more fuel efficient. Highly recommend the team at Elite Tune as they went over and above what any other mechanic would provide.
Jack Greenhalgh
Jack Greenhalgh
02:47 05 Oct 21
If the tune and exhaust fitting was an A+ standard worth 5 star, the service was phenomenal. Highly recommend and would definitely use in the future. Our Ute tows the 21ft family caravan like a dream, even the wife is happy to take a turn.
Brent Stevens
Brent Stevens
09:53 23 Sep 21

Injector Upgrade FAQs

What Happens When The Fuel Injector Is Upgraded?

A regulator in various vehicle engines is dependent on a vacuum and automatically adjusts as the boost pressure increases and decreases. The regulator releases the pressure. The improved fuel injector can flow such much fuel that the factory regulator can't be able to keep up with the demand. As a result, the fuel pressure will be higher than anticipated.

The injector, in other words, injects more fuel than is intended. As a result, the air-fuel ratio rises too high, causing the engine to slow down. In the worst-case scenario, the engine will be unable to run. Aftermarket fuel pressure regulators can hold significantly more fuel and control the fuel pressure of big fuel pumps with excellent reliability.

Is Tuning Required After Replacing Fuel Injectors?

The injector directly impacts the vehicle's fuel and air supply. New injectors necessitate a new or revised tune. The fuel injector is responsible for injecting fuel into the engine. A fuel pressure regulator that pulls in gasoline is responsible for this. A fine mist of gas is then sprayed into the combustion chamber by the injection nozzle. This happened in older cars with a less efficient and dirty carburetor system. More fuel does not result in more power. However, tuned cars often run light because they cannot keep up and waste power simultaneously.

Will Upgrading Fuel Injectors Increase Horsepower?

Yes, technically. During peak times, the fuel injector can provide ten horsepower. However, the cost and difficulty of replacing fuel-injectors or changing existing stock fuel-injectors outweigh the slight difference for some car owners.

Fuel injection has steadily supplanted carburetors in new vehicles for a good reason. Unlike the fuel injector, the carburetor pulled fuel from the fuel tank via an external or internal transmission pump and mixed it with air to power the engine. New automobiles come equipped with fuel-injectors as standard equipment to minimize emissions and increase engine performance. Fuel injectors may not be the best option for those seeking more performance. Carburetors are still preferred.

What Are the Main Differences Between Stock and Performance Fuel Injectors?

The fuel injector system works by giving more fuel to the combustor, improving the vehicle's power and performance. On the other hand, the stock fuel injector can supply the right amount of fuel to the stock engine. Aftermarket turbo or turbo engines have poor performance due to the stock injectors' inability to keep up. Although turbochargers or superchargers can allow additional air into the combustion chamber, stock fuel injectors cannot fuel the engine. However, before you go out and buy a new bunch of high fuel injectors, think about your car's modifications and plan your purchase accordingly.

When to Upgrade Fuel Injectors?

To work correctly, fuel injectors require a lot of support modifications. The expenditures are minor, but the advantages are substantial. However, when the engine begins to process an increased amount of air by adding boost pressure or changing the engine displacement significantly, the fuel injector stops the engine from diluting. There won't be enough fuel to go around. This is the time to think about upgrading your fuel injection system.

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