A 4×4 logbook service is a vehicle inspection that records the state of your car’s emissions equipment and any evidence of wear and tear. Log book services ensure that all components are working properly and prolong the life of your vehicle. They also help maintain manufacturer warranty, as well as enhance the resale value of your car.

A logbook-serviced car will always have its paperwork updated, and have its fixings ready for resale or trade-in. If a car is fully serviced and registered, it will not only preserve its warranty but also help maintain its value when it comes time to sell or trade-in.

Typically a log book service will include the following:

  • Safety checks to ensure vehicle functionality
  • A change of items like filters, spark plugs, and oil
  • General repairs of the car if needed


Why is a Log Book Service Important?

Logbook servicing is an important part of a car’s service history and should be carried out every six months or 10,000km. It is important to record all maintenance work and repairs, as well as stamp the service booklet to ensure that your warranty is maintained. We are all responsible for the safety of our cars and passengers. Proper maintenance of your car will also keep you safe on the road.


Helps To Maintain Warranty

A service log of all works undertaken on a vehicle will help maintain the vehicle’s warranty in the event of any mechanical problems with the vehicle. Maintaining your logbook also keeps your warranty up to date and helps ensure you can take advantage of any manufacturer repairs or warranties, should you require them.

The logbook servicing schedule helps to maintain your vehicle warranty, however, it is not a substitute for maintaining your car through regular checks and service. Regular maintenance will prolong the life of your car, as well as ensure that you are safe on the road. Regular servicing also prevents breakdowns and premature wear.


Maintains The Resale Value of The Car

A well-maintained logbook will also help maintain the resale value of the vehicle. By keeping your log book updated with all the information and details of any work carried out, it becomes a useful tool in determining the condition of the vehicle if it is ever put up for sale. A log book with minor repairs and no serious damage record is an indication of a well-maintained car. This will help ensure that you get a better price when it comes time for resale.


What is a Manufacturer’s Warranty?

A manufacturer’s warranty is a warranty provided by the manufacturer of your car and is a contract between you and the manufacturer. It covers the cost of repairing or replacing any parts which break down within a certain period after you purchased the car. The manufacturer’s warranty begins at the point of sale and ends after a certain mileage or after a certain period. The manufacturer’s warranty usually covers the first 3000-5000 km or 3-5 years. The period when you are covered by the manufacturer’s warranty can vary from one component to another.

When buying your new car, you would have received a log book - the booklet guiding you through expected service procedures, inspection points and car service intervals essential for the safe operation of your new car.


Log Book Servicing FAQs

Here are some common log book servicing questions.


Why Is Log Book Servicing Important?

As mentioned before, a log book servicing is a comprehensive check of the vehicle’s major components, it will help preserve the car’s resale value. A logbook service will also ensure that your vehicle is in a safe condition and will protect you and your passengers from any mechanical problems that may occur. The service will also keep your warranty up to date, ensuring that you can take advantage of any manufacturer repairs or warranties should you require them.


What Does a Log Book Service Include?

The logbook service includes a thorough check of your car’s engine, electrics, breaks, tyres, and overall condition. The service includes the replacement of fluids such as engine oil and brake fluid. In addition to checking the tyre tread depth and pressure levels, the condition of the wheels is checked for damage or wear marks which may indicate any issues with the brakes. The latest cars also have electronic control units that require regular checks to ensure that they are working correctly. The service also includes the alignment of your car.

This service differs from a normal service as it covers a full mechanical inspection, rather than just routine checks. For safety reasons, all 4×4 log book services must be carried out at an authorised dealer and all recommended parts replaced at an authorised dealer using only manufacturer-approved parts. The same applies to other vehicles as well.


Is a Log Book Service Necessary?

Yes, having a logbook serviced is always beneficial and will help to maintain the warranty on your car. You will also receive a certificate of service cheque which can be used as evidence for insurance claims and any warranty problems.

The service log book also serves as a record of all the major components in your car and their condition. It is important to keep your log book up to date, as this will ensure that you do not void the warranty on your vehicle.

Also, by having a log book car service carried out, you will always have all maintenance work done to your vehicle’s optimum performance and safety standards.


Will Having my Log Book Stamped Enhance my Car’s Resale Value?

Most logbook services will stamp the logbook to show that the car has received a service. Some manufacturers will stamp certain parts of the service booklet, such as an engine overhaul or change of ownership. The stamping is usually put on the outside of the book so that it can be viewed by a potential buyer.

Although it may seem like a minor alteration, having your logbook stamped by an authorised dealer will help you to sell your car in the future. It will show that your car has been properly serviced and maintained and helps to enhance the resale value of your car. A car’s resale value is directly linked to its service history so, if you do not service your car, the value will drop.


What Should I Do If I Have A Problem With My Vehicle?

You should return to where you had your vehicle serviced or contact the workshop that carried out the work. Your dealers may require proof of the service and NSW history before they can assist you.

If you are concerned about any problems with your vehicle and do not know who carried out the last service, then please contact the NSW testing service and ask them to check if your vehicle has been tested in the last 12 months.


Can I have my Vehicle Serviced Without a Service Booklet?

A logbook stamp is the only proof of a fully completed service. If a car has been serviced without the book being stamped then it is not possible to know what work has been carried out and this can affect the resale value of the vehicle.

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