If you’re a 4×4 beginner or too time-poor to go too far out of the city for an off-road adventure, it can be hard to find the right place to go off-roading in the city.

As an off-roading veteran, I know there are a ton of great options. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of the best 4WD tracks Perth has to offer and ranked them based on my personal experience.

From white knuckle trails for the experienced driver to easy 4WD tracks for beginners, this list has you covered.

Top 10 4WD Tracks Perth Has to Offer:

Here are some of the best 4×4 tracks Perth off-roaders need to try, starting with my personal favourite:

1. Mundaring Powerline Trail
2. Lancelin
3. Preston Beach and White Hills Beach
4. Julimar State Forest
5. Dwellingup
6. Waroona Dam
7. Mundaring Weir
8. Wilbinga Sand Tracks
9. Avon Valley National Park
10. Moore River National Park Track

I’ve rated each of the above based on difficulty, track length, and my own personal experience.

For all of the above and descriptions of each track, read on!

1. Mundaring Powerline Trail

Mundaring Powerline Trail at night

The Mundaring Powerline Trail is the best 4WD track in Perth and my personal favourite.

Located a short drive about 34 km east of Perth, this track is seriously challenging and requires extreme focus. Don’t be surprised if you see a 4×4 needing to be recovered… or end up needing a recovery yourself!

The unforgiving nature of this track and the epic challenge it offers is exactly why I and so many other 4×4 enthusiasts flock to this track again and again.

If you want a heart-pounding, adrenaline-filled adventure, Mundaring Powerline Trail delivers every time.

As you’ve probably gathered, this 4×4 track is best suited to experienced 4×4 drivers who are confident in handling unexpected, rugged terrain and able to adapt to ever-changing conditions.

If you are new to 4×4 adventures and are determined to give the Mundaring Powerline Trail a go, increase your chance of success by avoiding the muddiest tracks, going during dry season, and sticking to the more solid rocky areas.

Expect to take about 4 to 6 hours to complete the entire track, although you can opt for one of the early exit points scattered throughout.

2. Lancelin

Next up is another personal favourite of mine, the soaring sand dunes of Lancelin.

Even though it’s only about half an hour from Perth, the towering dunes here make you feel like you’re on another planet. And they provide a hell of a challenge.

With constantly changing conditions due to the wind, the steep sides, and the soft sand, you need a solid understanding of sand driving and approach angles or you’re likely to roll.

Bring your confidence, best skills, air compressor, deflator, and recovery gear for this one! And brush up on your tyre pressure knowledge – you’ll want your psi between 25 and 15 to handle the soft, sandy conditions at Lancelin.

When handling sand dunes, consider attaching a sand flag to your vehicle to help other drivers spot you when you approach.

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3. Preston Beach and White Hills Beach

Preston Beach trail showing the beach and the ocean

Another one of my go-to 4×4 tracks, especially for beach lovers, is White Hills Beach.

Here, you can legally drive on the beach and test your sand driving skills.

Although 4×4 access is not permitted on the nearby sand dunes, you can still enjoy the spectacular views.

From White Hills, you can drive south along the coast towards Preston Beach, which is about 22 km away.

It’s a perfect beach track for a laid back day or for 4WD enthusiasts who are just starting out and looking to improve their beach driving skills.

Note: Always pay attention to the tide when traveling from White Hills to Preston Beach. It comes in fast! The best driving is when the tide is low and the sand is hard and compact. For tyre pressure, you’ll want to let your tyres down to 15 psi or so to increase surface area and grip on the soft sand.

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4. Julimar State Forest

Ready to test your focus? Head to Julimar State Forest where the narrow tracks and dense forest force you to stay in the moment and on top of your game.

With two main hills and a variety of terrain, including tight bends, side roads, and open areas, set aside about 4 hours to complete these tracks. Expect a mix of dirt, clay, bog holes, and gravel conditions.

5. Dwellingup

I love heading to Dwellingup for the unique surroundings and scenery, including trestle bridges, historical farm houses, Jarrah forests, and minor creek crossings.

The Captain Fawcett Commemorative 4×4 trail is fun for everyone from 4×4 newbies to experienced drivers. Beginning in the Lane Poole Conservation Reserve, the easy to medium tracks run alongside an old rail embankment.

This chill trail is perfect for pulling off and stopping for a picnic or just hanging out and taking a break. Take your time and make a day of this one!

6. Waroona Dam

Waroona Dam trail from above

Just getting started with off-roading? Waroona Dam (also known as Lake Navarino) is my top, easy 4WD track for beginners Perth off-road rookies should try.

With expansive views over the lake and trails that range from smooth and simple to difficult, Waroona Dam is a great place to start building your 4×4 driving skills. The best part is that once you tackle the beginner hills, there are plenty more tracks where you can continue building your 4×4 skills.

For the easiest beginner runs, opt to go when the conditions are dry and stick to the far east side. Once you start gaining confidence, head to the west side to find trickier tracks, difficult hills, and occasional ruts.

7. Mundaring Weir – Perth Hills

Another easy 4×4 track for beginners to try is Mundaring Weir (not to be confused with the highly difficult Mundaring Powerline Track — if you mix these two up, you’re probably gonna have a bad time!).

Located 45 km from Perth, Mundaring Weir is fairly fast to get to and offers a wide mix of terrain, including rocks, gravel, mud, and sand.

Surrounded by vast expanses of state forest and a variety of local flora and fauna, it’s the perfect off-roading day trip. Expect hill climbs that are well suited to beginners, easy gravel roads, and awesome views.

8. Wilbinga Sand Tracks

With a convenient location on Perth’s northern outskirts, seasonal beach driving, steep ascents, and challenging descents, Wilbinga Sand Tracks is a local favourite amongst off-roaders.

The mix of sand, beach, and bush driving makes this an exciting location that draws in beginners and experienced off-roaders alike.

It’s an especially great spot if you’re new to sand dunes. With easy, small sand dunes to tackle, you can safely build your confidence and work your way up to the steeper, larger dunes that beg to be conquered.

9. Avon Valley National Park

What are the best 4WD tracks for beginners Perth has to offer?

For some of the easiest 4×4 tracks for beginners Perth-wide, head to Avon Valley National Park.

Put it this way: these tracks are so easy that in ideal conditions even 2WD vehicles can tackle it! It’s still worth checking out though, regardless of your skill level.

Even though I’ve come to prefer the focus and skill required by harder tracks, I still love driving here for the scenery and wildlife, including bandicoots, wallabies, and an occasional roo. During the wetter months, expect to see the Avon River raging!

10. Moore River National Park Track

Moore River National Park trail

Are river crossings on your 4×4 bucket list?

If you’re new to 4×4 driving but are excited to start tackling river crossings, I always recommend starting with Moore River National Park Track.

With a mostly hard river bed, this is a popular spot for 4×4 newbies to gain confidence with water crossings. Along with honing your river crossing skills, you can also tackle hill climbs and get some sand driving practice in.

Located about an hour north of Perth, this track takes around 4 hours to complete and is definitely worth checking out.

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Ready to Hit the Best 4×4 Tracks Perth Has to Offer?

Whether you prefer beach driving, sand dunes, river crossings, steep hills, or the toughest terrain you can find, Perth has something for every off-roader.

Planning a 4WD adventure near Perth? Make sure to book an appointment to get your 4WD serviced, mechanically inspected, and road-ready.

And check out our Guide to Prepare Your 4×4 for an Off-Road Trip to make sure you are properly prepared for a safe adventure.

Alex Coughlan

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