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Elite Tune mechanic conducting a diesel tune

At Elite Tune, our expertise in diesel tuning is unmatched in Perth, delivering significant enhancements in power, torque, and fuel efficiency for your vehicle.

Our skilled technicians leverage the latest technology and methods to fine-tune diesel engines, ensuring a smoother, more powerful, and efficient driving experience.

Trust in our proven track record and commitment to excellence and book in today for all your diesel tuning needs.

Our Diesel Tuning Services

ECU remapping optimises your vehicle’s performance, unlocking its full potential.

This process enhances power, torque, and fuel efficiency, offering a more responsive and enjoyable driving experience.

It’s essential to trust qualified technicians for this precision task to ensure safety and reliability.

To elevate your vehicle’s performance with professional ECU remapping, book in with us today!

ECU Remapping, Elite Tune

Dyno tuning is a precise method for enhancing your vehicle’s performance.

It involves using a dynamometer to measure engine parameters and adjust the vehicle’s systems for optimal output.

This process boosts power, efficiency, and overall driveability.

Dyno tuning is tailored to your specific vehicle, ensuring maximised performance gains.

Trust the expertise of professionals to fine-tune your car to its peak potential.

Elite Tune mechanics performing a diesel tune

Exhaust upgrades significantly boost engine efficiency and power, enhancing your vehicle’s performance and sound.

Our team expertly tailors each upgrade to your vehicle, ensuring optimal performance and a distinct acoustic profile.

Elevate your driving experience with our professional exhaust upgrade services.

Elite Tune mechanics performing an exhaust upgrade

Upgrading your exhaust system helps the engine breathe well by creating an easy and better pathway for gases to escape, making the engine perform better than before.

It will also help lower fuel consumption since your car will need less fuel to perform if it breathes well.

Improve your engine performance with an injector upgrade today.

Elite Tune mechanic conducting an injector upgrade


Very professional and honest workshop.The quality of work is followed through with a diverse background of knowledge.I would recommend this workshop to anyone who intends to have performance parts fitted or maintained.
David Moe
David Moe
09:15 02 Jun 23
Alex and his team have done an amazing job at fault finding my LC200 with a air bleed down fault. Found the issues and fixed it in a fast turnaround. Also cleaned the intake manifold and installed my HPD intercooler. Top job.
Matt Meyerhoff
Matt Meyerhoff
08:50 26 Feb 23
Worth the drive! Elite Tune has been reliable, well priced and provided an incredible service for removal of an aftermarket part on my 4WD. The ladies at the front desk are lovely and extremely helpful with the many questions I had today. Defiantly coming back if I need anything for my 4WD
jade pratt
jade pratt
04:44 30 Jan 23
Professional service providing excellent results at a better dollar value than their competitors with better results. Ricky at Elite Tune did a fantastic job with a 40% HP gain with a stage 2 tune on my Hilux and sorted a few other issues in the process. Highly recommend, 5 stars for sure 👌
Benjamin Walker
Benjamin Walker
09:49 24 Jan 23
We send all our company vehicles (and personal ones too!) to EliteTune.We've finally found a mechanic we can trust. It's guys like Rickey who love cars and high quality engine performance that allows our business to stay on the road.Cheers fellas.
Admin DeltaPrime
Admin DeltaPrime
11:15 18 Nov 22
From the first phone call talking about my DPF and couple other niggle issues, through to picking it up all fixed and tuned...great customer service.Very happy with the gains and power/torque delivery smoothness for my grand cherokee turbo diesel. They knew what I wanted and delivered. Bum-o-metre and graphs prove the promise. Would recommend and great coffee shop 2 doors down.
Dale Justins
Dale Justins
03:20 03 Jul 22
Top quality work , had my clutch changed and a custom dyno tune, very impressed with how my car drives after the guys at elite tune worked their magicEdit: Returned 3 months later to get the turbo upgraded to a high flow and yet again done with top quality with amazing results .
Joe Newman
Joe Newman
07:55 29 Jun 22
The team at Elite Tune delivered an outstanding service above and beyond my expectations. My Pajero Sport doesn't just look good with a new bull bar but has a lot more power after fitting a new exhaust, snorkle, an ECU remap and a dyno tune. The quality of the workmanship was outstanding.
Eric Brun
Eric Brun
12:58 11 Apr 22
Best experience with a service and tune I've had and exceeded expectations with the tune to boost power and make my Amarok more fuel efficient. Highly recommend the team at Elite Tune as they went over and above what any other mechanic would provide.
Jack Greenhalgh
Jack Greenhalgh
02:47 05 Oct 21
If the tune and exhaust fitting was an A+ standard worth 5 star, the service was phenomenal. Highly recommend and would definitely use in the future. Our Ute tows the 21ft family caravan like a dream, even the wife is happy to take a turn.
Brent Stevens
Brent Stevens
09:53 23 Sep 21

Why Choose Us?

Elite Tune 4WD mechanic performing a mechanical inspection

Choose Elite Tune for our unparalleled expertise in vehicle performance enhancement.

Our team, equipped with state-of-the-art technology and extensive experience, offers bespoke tuning solutions.

We prioritise customer satisfaction, ensuring each vehicle receives tailored attention for optimal performance.

Trust in our commitment to excellence and proven track record in elevating vehicle capabilities.


What is diesel performance tuning and how does it benefit my vehicle?

Diesel performance tuning involves modifying diesel-powered vehicles to enhance performance and efficiency, primarily through an engine control unit (ECU) upgrade. This improves fuel injection timing and engine revolutions per minute, resulting in better vehicle performance.

Why is choosing the right diesel tuning mechanic in Perth important?

Selecting a skilled and experienced diesel tuning mechanic is crucial for optimal service and to avoid costly repairs. A competent mechanic ensures your vehicle receives proper care and adjustments, tailored to its specific needs.

What kind of vehicles do we specialise in for diesel tuning?

We provide diesel tuning services for a wide range of vehicles, including utes, cars, trucks, and 4WDs.

Can we cater for specific vehicle requirements?

Yes, we offer custom tuning solutions to cater to specific vehicle needs, such as adjusting injection pump timing and duty cycle to reduce smoke levels while improving power and economy.

What qualifications do our mechanics have?

Our team at Elite Tune, backed by over two decades of expertise in automotive engineering and performance tuning, specialises in 4WDs. This extensive experience ensures we deliver top-tier vehicle tuning and maintenance services.

What is our privacy policy?

We are committed to providing full transparency about how your data may be used. We do not sell, exchange, or transfer your data to any other company for any reason without your consent. Review our full privacy policy to learn more.

Do we have a warranty?

Your rights as a consumer are protected by automatic guarantees when you use our services, which cover due care and skill, fitness for purpose, and timely completion. These are in addition to any warranties we offer, ensuring you can still seek remedies like repair, replacement, refund, or cancellation if standards are not met, even after the warranty period. The nature of the fault—major or minor—determines your entitlements, with major issues allowing for a choice between a refund or replacement, while minor problems will be fixed at no extra cost. Manufacturer’s and extended warranties do not limit these rights under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL), guaranteeing protection and remedies regardless of warranty duration.

For more information, review our warranty page.

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