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The 4×4 exhaust system is responsible for directing fumes away from you and your passengers, controlling the noise your vehicle makes, keeping your fuel consumption as low as possible, and ensuring that your engine performs the way it’s meant to.

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Those are all very important roles, and if you have a 4×4 or any other vehicle, you want to make sure its exhaust system is working efficiently. One way to do that is to have regular checkups performed, and another is to have your 4×4 exhaust system upgraded.

As Perth’s experts in 4×4 and 4WD exhaust system upgrades, we can improve the aesthetics and performance of your vehicle.

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Benefits Of An Upgrade


An upgrade creates a more efficient path for gases to escape, this allows your engine to “breathe” better and can help with issues like sputtering.


With an upgrade, more fuel and air are burned resulting in more power for your vehicle.


If you like a vehicle that sounds loud and powerful, an upgrade can help deepen the sound yours produces to a growl.


During an upgrade, pipes can be replaced to create a more direct pathway for your airflow.


You can have your exhaust system replaced with a sturdier system that won’t break down as quickly.

These are just a few of the benefits an upgrade could bring you. Check with our qualified mechanics to discover what an upgrade could do for your vehicle.

What's The Difference Between A Factory 4x4 Exhaust System And An Aftermarket Upgrade?

When it comes to an exhaust system, there’s the factory model and the aftermarket upgrade option. You might be wondering what the difference is between the two, so let’s go over some of the important distinctions.

  • Aftermarket systems are considered “better made” than what comes installed at the factory.
  • Aftermarket systems allow you to remove speed restrictions.
  • The pipes in an aftermarket system are larger, allowing more air to flow through.
  • You’ll have more horsepower with an aftermarket system than a stock system.
  • Because stock systems come standard, they have no customisations like what you can find on the aftermarket.
Factory exhaust system

The main difference between stock and aftermarket exhaust systems is that aftermarket systems allow you to customise your exhaust for your specific needs. Whether you’re a weekend adventurer, or just want a little more power, you can benefit from an upgraded system.

Do You Need A Single Or Dual Exhaust System For Your 4x4?

A 4×4 can come with either a single or dual exhaust system when you pick it up from the factory. When you’re headed in for an upgrade, you may wonder what the difference is between the two and whether or not you should switch to one or the other. To help you make the decision, let’s go over the pros and cons of each.

Single Exhaust

Pros And Cons Of The Single Exhaust

  • A single exhaust system is quieter than a dual exhaust system.
  • Single exhausts are more affordable.
  • A single exhaust is lighter, so this is a great option if you’re concerned about the weight of your vehicle.
  • A single exhaust produces less power.
  • A single exhaust doesn’t perform as well as a dual exhaust.
Dual Exhaust

Pros And Cons Of The Dual Exhaust

  • A dual exhaust system produces more power.
  • You’ll have reduced back pressure with a dual system.
  • The dual system is louder and has a more powerful look to it.
  • Dual exhausts keep turbocharged systems cool.
  • A dual exhaust system will be more expensive.
  • Dual exhaust systems often don’t last as long as their single exhaust counterparts.

Knowing the pros and cons of each system can help you make the decision that’s best for you, your wallet, and your vehicle.

Booking An Exhaust Upgrade

You can get a whole host of benefits from an upgrade, so it’s worth looking into what it could do for your 4×4. If you’re ready to schedule an upgrade, you can contact a technician to improve your 4×4 performance exhaust in Perth.

Double chrome exhaust

Exhaust System Upgrades FAQ

What does upgrading the exhaust system do?

Upgrading your exhaust system helps the engine breathe well by creating an easy and better pathway for gases to escape. This, in turn, makes the engine perform better than before. By pairing a cold intake and a new exhaust system, you allow the engine to breathe as well as possible, giving you maximum power. It will also help lower fuel consumption since your car will need less fuel to perform if it breathes well.

Even though the exhaust is more than just the sound, upgrading your system gives you the best sound, which is also beneficial. The upgrade allows you to be heard as you drive down the street and have a note that turns people's heads whenever you pass because your car sounds like a race car.

Does changing the exhaust affect the engine?

An old exhaust system can affect your engine in many ways; therefore, changing it will affect it. The exhaust system is a vital system to the engine. Changing your exhaust allows the engine to function better by improving the exhaust system's performance. Changing the exhaust ensures an efficient and better path for the gases to escape more quickly.

The engine will have more power since it breathes better than before. The car function will then increase everything related to the engine's performance, including noise, horsepower, and torque. A new exhaust can also affect the engine's performance by making it work harder by increasing the back pressure, which builds up gases.

Why do you need to modify the exhaust system?

If you are working with an old exhaust system, you may experience problems with your car's performance and the engine. You need to modify your exhaust system if you notice signs of rust or splitting on the exhaust itself, louder engine noise than usual and if your car suddenly starts consuming more fuel than before.

Whether your car has one or all these signs, it is time you start thinking about modifying your system. Exhaust system modification promotes the better performance of the engine and climate change reduction. The modification will also help you save on fuel consumption, especially if your exhaust was experiencing a fuel leak that increased its consumption. Lastly, you can modify your exhaust system to increase the value of your car.

What makes up the exhaust system?

As a car owner, you must have some basic knowledge about what is an exhaust system and the various components that make up the system. An exhaust system is usually a piping system that conveys burnt reaction gases away from the engine or stove. The systems may be a bit different depending on the overall system design, but it generally includes the following components.

The first component is an exhaust manifold that connects to each exhaust port on the cylinder head. Its function is to channel the hot exhausts to the exhaust pipe and prevent the fumes from sipping through into the vehicle. Next is the catalytic converter that catalyzes the toxic gas into fewer pollutants in a redox reaction. A turbo changer also forces extra compressed air into the combustion chamber to increase the internal combustion engine's power output and efficiency. Lastly is the muffler, which redirects the airflow to eliminate noise.

Does loud exhaust mean more fuel?

There is no correlation between a loud exhaust and fuel consumption, and therefore it does not mean more fuel. Your car engine generates noise by creating combustion to deliver power, and the muffler then reduces the noise in the exhaust system. The noise produced depends on the type of the muffler. The noise is output from consumption and not the other way round; therefore no correlation whatsoever with fuel consumption. This means a car can have loud exhaust noise with bad fuel consumption or loud noise but with good fuel consumption.

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