With a thorough logbook service from Perth’s trusted experts, maintaining your vehicle is a simple process. We can service all makes and models of 4x4s and 4WDs, including Toyota, Ford, Holden, Mitsubishi, Isuzu, Nissan, Mazda and more.

What is a Log Book Service?

A logbook service is scheduled car maintenance that you conduct with a trained technician or mechanic. It focuses on addressing small issues to prevent any major damage in the future.

Every car brand has a unique log book service stipulation to ensure accurate results during vehicle periodical repairs. The service will organise the details in a concise list to help with tracking and repair procedures. The periods for logbook services help ensure your car operates optimally and to stop any major breakdowns.

Once the logbook service is complete, we will update the logbook as evidence for the procedure. Usually, a logbook service will include:

  • Car safety checks to determine the functionality of your vehicle.
  • Replacement of components such as oil, filters, and spark plugs.
  • Any general repairs to the structure of the car.
What is a log book service

Why is a Log Book Service Important?

There are a few benefits of a logbook service, including:

Helps to maintain the warranty

Helps to Maintain the Warranty

Your car warranty is likely to be valid when you show evidence of timely repairs based on the logbook specifications. It’s a concept that applies to any vehicle that still has a valid warranty period.

You have to ensure that you complete the car service procedures at the right times to avoid compromising the warranty. Doing this will ensure your car brand maker can fix the vehicle without you having to spend a dollar.

Maintains the release value of the car

Maintains the Resale Value of the Car

You probably want to sell your old car when you are finally ready to purchase a new one. Having a good car repair record that aligns with your logbook service will make a good impression on buyers. A good log book service near me should help you address such car ownership goals.

What is Manufacturer Warranty?

A manufacturer warranty refers to a form of coverage offered to car owners. Usually, the manufacturer warranty relates to a specific price and fee standards. The manufacturer warrant requires extra costs and makes up for a portion of the car’s retail price.

There are various regulations relating to the validity of a manufacturer warrant. For instance, most service provides base the warranty on the distance and damage level to the car. The carmaker might cover seat belts, door handles, lighting systems, and various other basic forms of repair.

Some car manufacturer brands also offer warranties that might cover parts on your leased vehicle. Usually, most car brands have a manufacturer warrant that averages around $30,000 from when you first bought the car.

However, the coverage doesn’t work for repairs that occur due to gradual car damage. Other car brands also offer powertrain limited warrant offers. The distance range for such warranties averages at 50,000 miles or a four to five-year duration.
You may have to consult with your car brand for more information on the warranty’s scope.

What is manufacture warranty

Log Book Servicing FAQ

What Does a Log Book Service Include?

A vehicle log book is a guide provided by your vehicle's manufacturers. It contains information on the service requirements that are advised by the manufacturer. The log book gives your mechanic a checklist of what needs to be done and when.

Common information in a log book includes timeframes for when your oil needs to be changed, when your fluids should be topped up, or when the shock absorbers should be inspected. Basically, if it's a part of routine maintenance, it's probably listed in the log book.

Is a Log Book Service Necessary?

In short, yes, but let's discuss why that is. Keeping your log book service up-to-date helps ensure that your vehicle is properly maintained. That can help diagnose problems before they become serious. Keeping up with the book also helps to ensure that your car will remain in warranty for as long as possible.

Routine maintenance extends the life of your car and saves you from serious reair costs. Speaking of costs, keeping up with your log book can also be financially beneficial if you decide to sell. We'll go into that a little later. For now, let's just say that log book servicing is indeed necessary, just think of it as an annual doctor's visit.

Will Having My Log Book Stamped Enhance My Car's Resale Value?

As we mentioned earlier, log book servicing can help with your car's resale value. Buyers like to know that a vehicle is in good shape, and nothing is quite as convincing as a clean bill of health. Having proof that you've kept up with the maintenance schedule will help buyers feel at ease, which means you can put more money in your pocket. This can be especially helpful with older vehicles, as buyers will naturally tend to be more sceptical.

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